Practice Areas

IMMIGRATION: As an immigrant who has been on a few non-immigrant visas to eventually becoming a U.S. Citizen, Attorney Olaleye understands both the importance and the anxiety that come with having a legal status in the United States. We are very knowledgeable in the application process of various non-immigrant and immigrant petitions. We also have achieved high success rate for employment immigration petitions. 

At the Olaleye Law Firm, we completely understand the essence of timely filed immigration applications and providing case updates to our clients. 

Some of the immigration services we provide include:

The VAWA process is a confidential one and your spouse will not be notified that you filed for VAWA. With VAWA, you can also get a work permit and travel document while your case is ending. 

We know the utmost importance of family unification and stability when it comes to your immigration matters; we also understand that immigration law is complex. Let us help make the process easier. 

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CRIMINAL DEFENSE: There is no greater fear than one’s freedom being taken away, or the worry of having a criminal record. We have zealously and successfully defended clients in misdemeanor and felony charges in various counties (Marengo, Sumter, Greene, Dallas, Hale) in the State of Alabama. Call our firm to schedule a consultation in your criminal case.

FAMILY LAW: Divorce is like a death as commonly said. Beyond that saying is to have a legal representative who can relate to the experiences of clients, whether contested or uncontested divorce. It is a hard and trying time that requires the services of a great advocate to walk side by side with you, fighting for what you deserve along the way. 

Likewise, the best interest of the child is always our focus when it comes to child custody and visitation rights. Every child deserves to have the presence of both parents in their lives. Child custody and visitation cases can be very daunting and contentious. It is our goal to protect the interests and rights of our clients to exercise precious moments with their child. If you need passionate advocacy in child custody and visitation matters, we are just a phone call away.