Immigration Results


…..and another deserving immigrant’s life is changed 

VAWA approvals, and EADs. Yes please!!! 

VAWA approved!!!!

Green card approved after many denials for a much deserving client.

Green card "FINALLY" after a 10-year immigration journey!!!

I-94 granted a year after asylee status!!!

More fellow immigrants establishing their identity in the US. Let’s keep going!! 

 It’s a work permit delivery kind of day 

Proceedings terminated; our sweet client is no longer in deportation. 

One of the greatest joys of my job is being able to call a client when their green card arrives; it’s a life-changing moment 

Oh, the joy of delivering a green card to my client....priceless. 

Time to celebrate with two of our amazing VAWA clients whose 10-year green cards were delivered!!!

Employment-based green card approved y’all. How’s that for starting your morning!!! 

DID YOU KNOW that a university can file an H-1B petition for you at anything during the year? 

10-year green card after a successful I-751 self-petition was approved in 8 months and without an interview. 

National Interest Waiver allows you to self-petition for an employment based green card.

Ability to work, creating identities, freedom to live in this country, that’s what it’s all about. 

Starting the day off with 6 work permits. Freedom begins. 

At the Olaleye Law Firm, we are always happy to share good news with our clients. 

Passionate representation, one immigrant at a time

An immigrant passionately representing other immigrants. 

We are absolutely delighted for our client. 

Work permit finally approved for our client after waiting for months

My mission is to ensure that all immigrants are able to work and live freely in this country

Green card and work permits delivered for our clients. So excited for them 

Green card, AP, EAD approvals; I-751 extension; work permit cards; prima  facie determination(s); and loads of receipt notices for our amazing immigration clients. 

Five prima facie determinations for our precious VAWA clients. 

Approval notifications from our marriage green card interview in Kansas City, Missouri. We prayed for favor, and God showed us favor. We represent immigration clients in all states.

Four more work permits for our clients; look at God. 

Approvals and work permit for our immigration clients. Changing lives, one immigrant at a time.

We’ve got mail, are you next?

EADs approved for mother and child in a VAWA case. 

Another prima facie received for our VAWA client 

EAD and AP approvals for our VAWA clients

Two more prima facies received for our VAWA clients. VAWA gets you out of an abusive marriage. 

Three green cards for our sweet client and her children. We’re so excited for our dearest clients. 

VAWA, I-751, citizenship, asylum, fiancé visa, H-1B petition and more; immigration with a difference

Prima facie determinations for our dear VAWA clients. 

Two social security cards, a work permit, advance parole approval, work permit approval, and VAWA prima facie determination. This is what it is all about. 

EAD and advance parole approved. My VAWA client gets to travel to Jamaica while her case is pending and another VAWA client gets to start working.

Let’s go working and traveling y’all! 

Two more prima facie determinations received for our VAWA clients. We are in the business of passionately representing fellow immigrants. 

Let's get started on your case. 

Two green cards delivered for our dearest clients; your success is our success. Hire an immigration attorney for your case and get it done right the first time.

Green card approved for our client. This client had a criminal record that had a bearing on how the case will go. But God stepped in. Now, our client is a legal permanent resident. 

Passionate representation, one immigrant at a time. 


My commitment to my immigration clients is not only to be your lawyer, but your advocate and your biggest “cheerleader”. 

I am an immigrant working passionately on behalf of other immigrants 

We are located in Alabama and represent immigration clients in ALL 50 states. 

Work permit, approval notices, biometrics notices and  more for our clients. Passion that speaks for itself. 

I-485 green card application approval notice. My prayer is that yours will come even when you least expect it.

Hire an immigration attorney for your case, and get it done right the first.

Delivering green card to our client. As an immigrant, I am passionate about representing other immigrants in their green card process, and dedicated to changing lives. 

VAWA? Asylum? Family/Employment green card? Citizenship? Fiancé visa? Removal of conditions on residency? We’ve got you covered! 

Long-awaited work permit for our marriage-based green card client, approval and receipt notices for other amazing clients. We are in the business of changing lives. 


We are in the business of practicing immigration with a passion!